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The Characters


The Olson Family - - - Proprietors

The Olson Family has been committed to farming and real estate for over a century. With ONX Estate Winery, the  family continues its farming activities much the same way their Scandinavian grandparents did more than 100 years ago. Pictured above are Brenda and Steve Olson along with Steve’s sister Judy Laakso and her husband Ed. The Olson family is fully focused on continuing the tradition of making world renowned wines for generations to come.

Production Team

Jeff Strekas
Director of Operations & Winegrowing

Drew Nenow
Winemaker & Production Manager

Lily McGlothern


Lauren Fessenden
Production Assistant

Sales & Marketing Team

Darryl Rodriguez
Sales Manager

Kassidy Clark
Marketing Manager

Hospitality Team


Laura Marble
Director of Hospitality


Teresa Hamers
Tasting Room Lead & Staff Sales Trainer


Colette Hodges
Wine Club Manager