Kassidy Clark

Marketing Manager

One part Angela Lansbury, one part Velma, and one part Nancy Drew, if any strange mysteries arise at ONX, Kassidy is definitely on the case!  Growing up wanting to be a detective, she was always drawn to the dark side, enjoying viewings of Silence of the Lambs, watching criminal documentaries, and listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast.  However, after seeing the lighter side of life at Cal Poly, she decided to complete her degree in Journalism and Public Relations instead.  Which is probably just as well, because its hard to imagine Perry Mason or Columbo eating avocado toast while listening to Taylor Swift…

While working on her degree, she also honed her love for wine while working for Linne Calodo Cellars and later with Solterra Strategies.  Now, armed with her marketing skills, love of peppery Syrah, and outdoors loving San Diego attitude, she’s looking to introduce ONX Wines to a whole new world of wine lovers. But remember, don’t be surprised if she unravels your scheme to scare everyone with a spooky haunted winery ruse!