Lily McGlothern

Assistant Winemaker

Lily lists her hero as Ziggy (her Aussie puppy, but also Bowie), whose main motivator in life is food.  While we’re not 100% sure that this is a hint, we have learned to keep a stash of chocolate or donuts around during harvest, just in case.  Growing up in Napa, she always knew what she wanted in life… to be a Rockstar!  But in the meantime, she settled for the journeyman winemaking path, getting her BS in Wine and Viticulture at Cal Poly before working stints at the Union Wine Co in Oregon, Amisfield Winery in New Zealand, and right here in Paso Robles with ONX. 

As the team Enologist and master of the ONX lab, Lily is the unquestioned controller of all data and information used amongst the ONX team.  Unfortunately for her, this has also forced her to learn the strange forms of communication used by our crew, apparently leading to the viewing of lots South Park reruns and History Channel specials on ancient Egypt.  On the plus side, this skill also gives her the job of keeping everyone else in line, a job that she has taken to almost too well…  When she’s not on the clock, Lily can often be found enjoying Indie Rock, attending concerts, relaxing outdoors, or catching up on the latest Sharknado film.