June News

June 2018

Summer is just around the corner, which means harvest isn't far behind. Our grapes are beginning to ripen and are enjoying the warm Paso Robles weather. 

Our Vineyards

What is happening?

June is an exciting time in the Vineyards. The grapes are blooming, shoots are growing and we’re planting new vines! The vines are starting to bloom so we don’t want to disturb them too much; now is when we find out how many berries set and how much fruit we can expect. We are hoping for weather in the high 70’s to low 80’s which will give us ideal pollination conditions.

The majority of the busy work at both vineyards has now finished. We will be tucking the sprawling shoots and canes into the trellis wires so they can grow up, not out.  We’re mowing down the last cover crop as the flowers dry out and go to seed.   
The views from our more recently acquired Kiler Canyon Vineyards are stunning. It is like looking down on the Rhone Valley in France. We currently are reworking several parts of this vineyard.

ONX’s latest Estate Vineyard planting is getting underway as vines arrive from the nursery: Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Gris, Picpoul Blanc, Touriga Nacional, Vaccarese, Souzão, Tannat, Grenache Noir and Mourvedre.  

To add a little variety to our white wine mix we are planting a small amount of Grenache Gris and Picpoul Blanc. Grenache Gris is genetically identical to Grenache Noir and Grenache Blanc but it has a pinkish tinged skin.
Touriga Nacional and Souzão are red grapes indigenous to Portugal from the Dão and Minho regions respectively. Both are traditionally used in port production but are also used to make still red wines.
Tannat is a Basque grape grown in the South West of France near the Pyrenees in a region known as Madiran. As it name implies it is a tannic variety known for make wines of big proportions… think Petite Sirah.

Last but not least is Vaccarese. With half of an acre being planted we may have the largest vine count in the western hemisphere. This grape, more than any of the others, is a true leap of faith. Vaccarese is one of the grapes permitted in Châteauneuf-du-Pape but it only makes up 0.15% of the plantable acreage. In keeping with the founding ONX spirit of micro block farming and innovative vinification we are looking forward to producing wines from this rare grape.

Upcoming Events



Summer Sippers
Every Saturday of Summer 
June 2 - Sept. 1 | 1:00pm

Join us at our Tin City Tasting Room on the patio for live music. Wine and small bites will be available for purchase.



Blending Bash
ONX Tin City
Saturday, June 16 | 10am

Learn how to blend like a Winemaker at our Blending Seminar and Party! Guests will break into teams and blend their own wine and the winner takes home a prize. Food, wine and music is included with a ticket. 
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